NET-TEX Anti-Feather Pecking Spray 250ml

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NET-TEX Anti-Feather Pecking Spray 250mlFeather Pecking

Cannibalism and
feather pecking are complex behavioural problems found in poultry and game birds worldwide. The causes include tensoynovitis and other diseases that reduce mobility along with boredom and stress. Symptoms include pecking at the feet (especially young chicks), the vents (adult layers and turkey poults 8-12 days old), the head, face and wings
. It may also include feather pulling.Cannibalism and feather pecking may lead to wounding leaving the skin open to bacterial infection. In severe cases this leads to a loss of blood and results in generalised anaemia.

Feather Pecking Spray 2-in-1 Benefits

  1. Anti-Feather Pecking spray first works by preventing biting, plucking and cannibalism. It contains a foul tasting substance with a very strong odour. This foul taste is so strong that most biting or plucking will cease after one or two days. 
  2. Anti-bacterial agents have been incorporated for minor skin abrasions and disinfect the afflicted sites immediately. These agents also help minimise the spread of bacterial infection - allowing the healing process to start.