Learning how to handle birds is important and should really be learnt from a professional. Old methods of handling birds, such as suspending them by their legs can cause injury or death.

Basic care consists of letting the birds out of the house in the morning and filling the feeders with meal or pellets. Nest boxes should be checked and eggs removed at least twice daily as they can become crushed. This is not only a waste of eggs, but could lead to hen's egg-eating. While checking the nest boxes you should also notice if there is enough clean litter in them and add more if necessary. Drinkers should be emptied and refilled with clean water daily and if using an electric fence you should make sure that the current is working. In the evening hens should be shut away in their house to protect them from predators. Don't leave it too late in the evening or you may find that the fox has been there before you.

The hen house will need to be cleaned out regularly- at least once a week. Painting inside and outside the house with wood preservative will kill parasites, but the hens will need to be moved out while it is done and for several days afterwards.