In order to keep them healthy and happy for laying and as pets, chickens need to receive the correct nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein in their diet.

It is important to know which feed to use, according to the age of the hen:

Chick crumbs - Fed from hatch to 5 weeks old. Typically 19% Protein

Growers mash or pellets - Fed from 6 weeks to 18 weeks.Typically 15 to 16% Protein

Layers mash or pellets - Fed from 18 weeks as a pullet comes into lay. Typically 15 to 17% Protein. Hens will generally consume 120g 150g a day

All are best fed ad-lib from feed hoppers and must be under cover or have a suitable rain hat. Not all feeders are waterproof, even though they may look as if they are.  Smaller feeders/hats do need a little shelter from horizontal/blowing rain.