Young chicks should be fed as soon as possible after hatching to avoid the risk of starvation. Baby Chick Crumbs provide a drug-free (no coccidiostat) starter which can be fed on an ad lib basis from hatching through to six to eight weeks of age. As always with young birds, hygiene and good management practice is of the greatest importance. This is particularly important with a natural or organic feed where drugs are not included to compensate for errors. Feed is best given in small bowls to encourage chicks to feed and fresh water should be available at all times.

To encourage a smooth changeover to a pelleted feed, it is best to start mixing Baby Chick Crumbs with Poultry Grower Pellets from five weeks of age. Again these can be fed on an ad lib basis, or can be restricted if a more controlled growth rate is required. Poultry Flower Pellets can be fed right up to finishing weight, or to the transition to Natural Free Range Layers Pellets at 16 weeks of age, with most hens reaching point of lay from 18 weeks of age onwards.