Natures Grub Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) 200g

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Natures Grub Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) 200gNatures Grub Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) is a poultry keeper's best friend. It's 100% natural and used to help prevent all manner of poultry ailments.

It can be used on animals, pets and birds against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), internal parasites (worms), and for general good health. It increases digestibility of the feed when added to feed rations at 1-2% so will save on feed, as less undigested feed passes through the large intestine as waste matter. Can also be used as a mineral supplement for all animals and birds.

DE works mechanically rather than chemically so no immunity can be built up. As the mite crawl through the DE dust to get to the hens at night, the microscopically sharp shards that make up DE scratch the mite's waxy shell, thus causing them to slowly dehydrate and die.

We advise wearing gloves and a dust mask when applying DE as in some cases it can be a skin irritant.