Fancy Feed Bunny Nuggets 10kg

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Fancy Feed Bunny Nuggets 10kgFancy Feed Bunny Nuggets are carefully formulated to provide a fully balanced, high fibre diet for all pet rabbits. They encourage natural foraging behaviour and avoiding selective feeding.

  • Wholesome nuggets balanced with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Low in starch, low in sugar
  • High in natural fibre (20%) and quality protein
  • Encourages dental wear
  • Helps prevent selective feeding
  • With Digest Plus prebiotics for gut health
  • Contains Sel-Plex protected selenium for support the immune system
  • With flavours of essential oils which rabbits love
    Feeding Recommendations
  • Bunny Nuggets are carefully formulated from natural ingredients to help provide a fully balanced diet for adult rabbits from 16 weeks of age
  • Clean, dust-free hay and/or grass should be fed ad-lib
  • Introduce any new feed, like Bunny Nuggets, gradually, by mixing with the existing feed, over 7 - 14 days
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