Beeztees Snack Roller

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Beeztees Snack RollerThe Beeztees Snack Roller is made from 21 recycled rinks cartons and is eco friendly. You can fill this snack roller with chicken feed and use it two ways. 

You can put the snack roller down on the ground so that the chickens can get a snack out of the holes by moving the roller. The snacks fall out of the roller due to the twisting movements the chickens make with the roller. You can also choose to hang up the snack roller with the rope provided. This makes it easy to attach the snack roller to the chicken coop or run, allowing the chickens to get their snacks. You can easily put the snacks in the snack roller by means of a twist cap on the sides of the roller.

  • Easy to hang or lay
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made entirely from recycled material
  • Includes rope
  • Fun entertainment for chickens