Keeping chickens can be a very rewarding hobby, and can be as easy as you wish to make it. As there are so many views, even from experienced keepers on how chickens are kept. So before embarking on your new found hobby, this is a very basic guide to keeping chickens, and we would recommend that you research chicken keeping as it will become very addictive and rewarding.

First you need to choose your new family members. If they are to be pets the first time keeper would be better to choose a hybrid as they are breed to be human friendly and will lay most days. The choice is vast hybrids, traditional breeds, bantams whatever you decide its best to buy point of lay (POL) they will be about 16 weeks old and can take up to 24 weeks to come into lay depending on the chosen breed. When that first egg arrives you will be proud of yourself and your hens.

They will provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment for all the family plus the odd egg. 

Your hens have three basic needs:

  1. Secure, clean housing.
  2. Space.
  3. Food and water.