Smite BioCare Agrisec 250 Plus Ground Sanitizer 2kg

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Smite BioCare Agrisec 250 Plus Ground Sanitizer 2kgSmite Biocare Agrisec 250 plus is a super absorbent ground sanitizer with Halamid. Agrisec 250 plus is a new generation litter conditioner to meet the needs of modern farming. Contains yucca, seaweed and esssential oils, chosen for their moisture absorbing, anti-bacterial and insect repellent properties, with the addition of Halamid.

Agrisec 250 plus can be spread directly on litters of all types in order to reduce soiling, moisture and odour. It improves hygiene, reduces odour and extends the time between clean outs. Agrisec 250 plus is and excellent combatant of ammonia, it absorbs at least its 1.5 times it's own weight in liquid and does not become muddy or slippery when wet. It will quickly spread itself through all types of litter.

Agrisec 250 Plus is 
a Defra-approved disinfectant and does not contain phosphates.