Roguard Wide Piper Bait station

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Roguard Wide Piper Bait stationA great bait station for grain baits. It has a clear tube to see bait and non-target pest safe.
This new upmarket rat bait tube is an advancement on the existing models with a smaller entry hole to deter birds and other small animals from entering the tube.
Wider clear bait tube allows easy viewing of the bait level so no need to keep opening up a box to see how much bait the rats have taken.
Made in heavy duty plastic and an already well established baiting method made better with integrated feet either end.
Place these in their intended position for around 3 days prior to introducing the bait, this will allow the rats to become accustomed to the units and therefore they will usually feed as soon as you introduce the bait.Use whole grain rat poison as this cannot be carried out of the tube as can bait blocks. If you want to use bait blocks, it would be best to use a conventional rat bait station such as the Lodi Rat Bait Box.