NET-TEX Total Mite Kill Powder 300g Shaker

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NET-TEX Total Mite Kill Powder 300g Shaker
How do you know if your chickens have Red Mite problems? You will notice two things; firstly your egg production will start to go down as the chickens need to replace the lost blood taken by the Red Mites (which means less energy to produce eggs), and secondly the chickens will start to peck each other where they see the infestation - usually just at the base of the tail feathers.

At this point the problem is likely to be causing stress and is getting serious. Keep a close eye out for any pecking behaviour, and also any bald, bloody patches on your birds.

Total Mite Kill Powder is a natural, non-toxic mite control powder that can be applied directly onto all types of birds and poultry. Containing Silica Shelled Fossilised Diatoms, its killing action works mechanically on the surface of the pests, breaking down their waxy protective coating, causing them to dehydrate and die.

Total Mite Kill Powder is effective against Red, northern, cyst and spider mites and other insects such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish and termites.