NET-TEX Poultry Nutri-Drops

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NET-TEX Poultry Nutri-Drops
Poultry Nutri-Drops provide a nutritional advantage for weak and lethargic birds - results can be seen in just 30 minutes!

Poultry Nutri-Drops is a unique energy-boosting supplement that works via patented technology exclusive to Net-Tex. It delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an effect that can be measured within 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes 50% of energy and nutrients are absorbed with 99% utilisation. This means a lethargic or weak bird will soon be thriving even during periods of heavy stress.

Poultry Nutri-Drops is the 'wonder' energy supplement that:

Provides an instant energy source for sluggish birds (sick, weak or lethargic birds will be transformed in just 30 minutes)
Helps boost the immune system and vitamin levels during periods of environmental stress e.g. when feed intake is depressed at high temperatures
Helps maintain peak production at times when maximum stamina and energy are required 
Reduces the effects of stress during vaccination, handling and following anti-biotic treatment when feed absorption can be disrupted
Increases appetite and greater feed conversion
Aids in the preparation for onset of lay
Aids in disease recovery

30 ml