NET-TEX Herbal Gut Conditioner 100ml

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NET-TEX Herbal Gut Conditioner 100ml
Herbal Gut Conditioner is a 100% natural formulation that helps control internal parasites and support gut and digestive system. Herbal Gut Conditioner contains:
•Allium sativum: A natural disinfectant to keep a fresh and healthy gut
•Sysgium aromaticum: Supports healthy bowel function and bowel movement
•Juglans nigra: Natural cleanser of the lower intestinal tract
•Artemisia absinthium: Extract of wormwood
How do I feed Herbal Gut Conditioner? Administer 1ml (one pump) to 50ml of fresh drinking water per bird for three consecutive days per month. Repeat every month.
Available in two different sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 
How long will a Bottle last?
•100ml: A 100ml bottle of liquid will last eight birds over four months