Gaun 5ltr Premum Drinker Deep Base Gold

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Gaun 5ltr Premum Drinker Deep Base Gold
This Gaun 5lt drinker is from one of our most popular range of drinkers. It is manufactured from a high density plastic and very convenient to fill, due to a screw-in-plug in the centre of the large deep base that has a greater capacity that will help to keep it clean when placed on the floor.  This makes it ideal for suspending above the ground by the handle in the top of reservoir there fore keeping the water clean. The reservoir can be removed by a twist lock for cleaning or filling. 

Please ensure that the drinkers are suitable for the amount of hens you have.  

Further information can be found in "
How much does your chicken drink? 

Measurements: Height: 350mm, Exterior diameter: 237mm