Gaun 12ltr Feeder/Drinker Red or Blue and White

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Gaun 12ltr Feeder/Drinker Red or Blue and WhiteThe Gaun 12lt drinker/feeder is manufactured with a high quality plastic. It can be either be placed on the ground or hung, if hanging please ensure that all fixings are secure. There are only two parts, the reservoir and base which have a marker on them to indicate the position at which to twist and pull apart. The drinker can be converted to a permanent feeder by cutting round the base of the reservoir as indicated by the groove, cutting this point will turn it into a permanent feeder.

Please ensure that the feeder/drinker is suitable for the amount of chickens you hold.

Further Information can be found in 
"How much does a chicken drink? also "What should I feed my chickens?"

500mm high x 260mm diameter