Chickengear's Winter Wellness Pack 1

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Chickengear's Winter Wellness Pack 1The Chickengear Winter Wellness Pack 1 consists of Net-Tex Mineral Boost 450g, Chicken-Lickin Nutrimin Cider Vinegar 1Ltr and Net-tex Vit Boost + with added seaweed 125ml all for the low price of £15. These 3 products when added to food or water (as stated on bottle) provide your chickens with essential vitamins and minerals to help stay healthy in the winter months.

As the nights start drawing in and the weather gets colder your chickens have less time outside and when the ground freezes it hard for them to forage.  So the added vitamins and minerals would help your chickens to stay healthy and well.  There are also other benefits from these products too which are:

- Increase egg production
- Improve eggshell quality and strength
- Improves yolk colour
- Helps chickens to improve feed conversion and absorbption of nutrients
- Stimulates appetite and growth

Plus the Vit Boost+ and Cider Vinegar can all be useful when chickens are experiencing periods of stress and nutritional imbalance.