Burgess Excel Bedding and Litter 4kg

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Burgess Excel Bedding and Litter 4kgBurgess Excel Bedding & Litter is made from natural straw in compressed pellets. The bedding is 10 times more absorbent than whole straw and shavings, therefore, less depth of litter is required in your pet’s hutch.

Natural straw is a great choice for your small furry as it reduces parasite breeding and helps prevent fly strike.The rapid absorption helps lock in odours and stops the breakdown of urea into ammonia, keeping the bedding smelling fresh and odour free. The litter can be disposed of naturally as compost, mulch, burning, flushing or by simply putting it into your garden bin.


  • Added natural external parasite control prevents fly, mite and flea infestation
  • Unrivalled absorbency – 10x more absorbent than straw or shavings. Reduces parasite breeding
  • Economical- better absorbency, so less depth used of bedding which in turn means less litter changes.
  • Excellent odour control – naturally locks in odours by rapid absorption stopping ammonia breakdown
  • 100% natural – made from pure straw, bio-degradable, no fragrances.

  • 8 Litre bag (approx 4kg)