All For Paws Interactive Fetch N Treat

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All For Paws Interactive Fetch N TreatThe All For Paws Fetch 'N' Treat can be filled with dry food or treat, and see how much fun your dog will have fetching the ball back to the toy to get his reward. This toy will stimulate your pet to play even when you are not available for him. With the Fetch 'N' Treat there will be no more boredom, let the fun begin! 

The Fetch 'n' Treats toy stimulates your dog's retrieval instinct, this interactive game inspires natural fun and exercise. Your dog is instantly rewarded with treats when he returns the ball and it's like this every time, so the game can continue! It's sure to add some flavour to playtime, keeping your pet healthy, happy and engaged.

Size (Cm) : L
16.0 x W 16.0 x H 20.0

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Fetching Fun