Are chickens vegetarians?

No, not by choice.  A chicken that ranges freely in the yard or field will eat many insects and worms.  They will even eat mice if one is caught and eat their own eggs if cracked.  Basically chickens will eat anything that is edible!! 

Can I just have one chicken?

Generally chickens are very sociable and we advise that you have a minimum of 2 - 3 chickens, as they do not do well living alone.

Do chickens come home to roost?

Yes it is true chickens do come home to roost.  They will come back to the same place to sleep every night.

Do chickens get bored?

Yes, it is possible for a chicken to get bored. You can put objects in the pen to relieve boredom such as some old cd's hanging on a line or you can even hang a cabbage in their pen for them to peck at.  Having their pen on fresh grass helps too.

Do chickens require a lot of care?

They are much easier than dogs with no walking, no twice daily feeding, no baths and no grooming.  With the proper housing chickens are a very low maintenance pets and come with the added benefit of fresh eggs daily!! 

Do chickens smell bad?

No, the only time chickens smell bad is when they are sick or their coop is not cleaned out often enough.