NET-TEX Ground Sanitising Powder 2kg

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NET-TEX Ground Sanitising Powder 2kg
Ground Sanitising powder is used in coops and runs to significantly reduce worm egg numbers. It eliminates all stages of eggs and larvae at ground level. The opportunity for re-infection is greatly reduced as birds will ingest fewer eggs or larvae and this results in lower worm populations within the birds’ guts.
Use Ground Sanitising Powder:

• In the coop and run to significantly reduce worm egg numbers
• To absorb the moisture content of the faeces and organic matter where parasitic eggs build up, develop and mature
• To cut off the warmth, moisture and oxygen in bird faeces that worm eggs need to develop and mature.
• To help kill worm larvae
• To extend bedding life
• Liberally, as its formulation is non-hazardous
• Where faeces and organic matter are prevalent. Shake powder over run and inside housing and nesting boxes ensuring a light coating is visible. No need to remove bedding
• Every week for house keeping