Harrisons Premier Parrot Food 2.25kg

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Harrisons Premier Parrot Food 2.25kgWalter Harrison's Premier Parrot Food has been recommended by the National Parrot Sanctuary as being able to meet the specific nutritional requirements of healthy, active parrots.

A delicious blend of tropical fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.  A balanced diet
containing a wide range of ingredients, providing interest and stimulation for optimum health and well being.

medium sunflower seed, whole maize, oats, mixed wheat discs, black sunflower seed,
raisins, pumpkin seed, buckwheat, white sunflower seed, nuts in shells, brazil nuts, beetroot discs, banana chips, peanuts, safflorseed, pine nuts, dried melon, dried mango, walnuts, papaya dice, pineapple dice, parrot egg biscuit and coconut chillies.

2.25kg bag